Ali Hamza’s latest released song Sar Buland – Is a fresh new vibe of celebrating womanhood and encouraging the girl child to achieve the success in the society. “The change begins at home. It sheds light on a father, who supports the dreams of his daughter. He raises a daughter with love and attention. He raises her as a caring, strong individual, who is strong enough to give to her community and country. She is raised not just as a daughter, a sister, a mother, or a wife but a responsible, sensitive and caring citizen of this society,

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Volunteer with the Animal Rescue Team – HUMANE SOCIETY.ORG – “When the Animal Rescue Team responds to a law enforcement action or natural disaster, volunteers are called in to help provide care to animals in our emergency shelters. Animal rescue volunteers come from all walks of life, generously giving their time to apply their skills and experience in response to animals in need. From animal handling and cage cleaning to administrative tasks, the work of animal rescue volunteers is the true core of the HSUS’s mission to save animals’ lives.”

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The Lancet (Medical Journal): Parenting in the Time of Covid – “There is also hope that along with the boredom, frustration, and strangeness of this time, our children are watching and absorbing lessons about serving the needs of others in times of crisis. Perhaps their witness to our work will allow them to understand that blind devotion to absolute individualism can exact a heavy toll that others must pay. And perhaps they will seek to be helpers in some way, whether in direct healing roles or pulling together community for a common cause. How they act, and who they are in the After Times, could be a redemptive outcome of this pandemic.”

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WORLD RESOURCE INSTITUTE: “As the world’s largest economy and the number-one historical emitter, the U.S. carries enormous influence as to whether climate challenges can be successfully addressed. WRI-U.S. works at the federal, state and local levels to develop solutions to the most pressing environmental challenges. We conduct rigorous, peer-reviewed research and convene stakeholders from the public and private sectors to identify practical solutions. You can learn more about our work by exploring the links here.”

LINKED IN LIVE – Keynote Speaker Friday March 19, 2021 – “Bozoma Saint John is one of this year’s keynote speakers at TransformHer! Boz is the Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, and since joining, she has helped Netflix become a trailblazer for representation in storytelling. Before joining Netflix, Boz held executive marketing positions at Apple Music, Uber, and most recently, Endeavor. Boz embodies everything we believe in at TransformHer: an intentional commitment to up-leveling self, industry, and society. Learn more about her journey on Friday, March 19 at TransformHer ‘21 on LinkedIn Live – register for free today!