I Support The Girls – Turning Old Bras Into New Support For Homeless Women…



Dana holding colorful bras. Donate your bras

My name is Dana Marlowe. Business owner, mother, human rights advocate.

People always ask me how I Support the Girls began. Honestly, it was totally serendipitous. I became an accidental activist in this space.

In 2015, I’ve had a year of revised healthy mind/body focus. I dropped a considerable amount of weight by working out with friends, and eating healthy fun meals with my family. I expected some life changes, but not that everything would change in size.  They don’t tell you on the packages of steamed vegetables that you should prepare for your bra size to decrease. After some loose straps getting in the way, I went to get fitted properly at a bra store. I asked the store clerk if she had any donation suggestions as to what I could do with my dozen or more used bras that didn’t fit, but were still wearable.

She informed me that women who are homeless are in DESPERATE need of bras. Most people donate clothes, shoes, furniture, which is of course very important. However, rarely donated but frequently requested: bras.


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