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Our special blend of moisturizers, essential oils and extracts mends and strengthens dry, cracked, damaged skin. This is Angelina’s first skin care formula and still our most popular item. It took her over 8 years to get the formula just right.* It’s even doctor recommended! 

Beloved for the instant protection it provides, it’s perfect for treating all your owies, wherever you are. (Outdoor adventurers love it’s portability too!) It’s also wildly popular with doctors, nurses and other health care providers who are required to wash their hands often. We even have doctors who swear by Skin Doctor to speed healing and reduce scarring after stitches.

*Skin Doctor is 100% GUARANTEED! We’re so sure you’ll love it, we’ll return your money if you don’t. 

As a treatment for split ends, try Nourishing Oil Treatment combined with Deep Conditioner.

Works great on beards! Best when applied fresh out of the shower. Put a little in your hand and massage through. Helps to soften the hair.

Can also be used as an after-shave oil, a moisturizing skin oil or a massage oil!

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