About the Author…

(Photo Take by G-S-S , Smith Rock, OR Feb 2021)

Woman. Mom. Collaborator. Community Enthusiast, Nature Wonderer. Lover of Innovation. Believer in Altruism.

Gather-Share-Swap is my mantra; it means community, networking, being inspired, overcoming challenges, being innovative, creating harmony, enjoying the simple things, growing and believing we are all in this world together to make a difference for the better.

Jamie lives in beautiful Redmond, Oregon. Only 20 minutes from Smith Rock, Deschutes River and many other natural wonders where she finds most of her inspiration for G-S-S. Nature quiets her mind and allows her to breathe in the moment so she can return home to connect to the many forms of art, communication, everyday life, culture that further inspires all that is here.

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